CH 539.1

Harvesting with everyone.

Mariel-chan stood up happily with a herb in her hands.

“You did it! Keep it up, Mariel.”

Ruby nodded his head and praised Mariel-chan.

“Ehehe, it’s all thanks to you, Ruby.”

Ruby repeatedly narrowed down the area to a certain extent and then let Mariel-chan search for it, because it would do no good for Mariel-chan, if she only told picked what Ruby had found.

Before long, Mariel-chan began to grasp the characteristics of the places where herbs grew, and she was able to find them more quickly. Ruby and Mariel-chan are both amazing!

Hector-sama would watch them with a smile on his face, and sometimes, when he was about to approach Mariel-chan and tell her the answer, Oniisama would grab him by the collar and pull him back.

“Errm~… this is it!”

“You are wrong there. That’s a weed, Adry-sama.”

“W, well then, this one!”

“… That is a weed as well. The one next to it is a herb.”

“So it’s this! Alright! I found it~!”

No, you didn’t find it yourself.

I was supporting Adry-sama like this.

“Miss Cristea, is this one okay?”

“Yes, that is the correct one.”

“Thank you.”

Sei finds the herbs on his own, and he only checks with me to make sure of anything he is not sure of.

I’m sure he will be fine without my confirmation in a little while.

“Wow, Norman, your little sister is excellent at this! There’s no place for you to show off.”

Hector-sama said in a ridiculing manner while leaning on Oniisama’s shoulder.

Oniisama seems to be having a hard time taking care of Hector-sama, though…?

“Cristea has been harvesting herbs back in our fief, so she’s already used to it. She’s more knowledgeable than me.”

“Heh~ that’s incredible! Are you going to be pharmacist in the future?”

“Eh? No, not really…”

I’ve been asked by Hector-sama if that’s what I want to be in the future, but I smiled to cover it up.

It’s just that I became familiar with medicinal herbs as a result of gathering them in the forests of our territory when I went to look for foodstuffs…

Some of the things I use as ingredients fall into the category of medicinal herbs in this world, so it was even more difficult to remember the names so that I didn’t make any mistakes on the exam.

Being a pharmacist in the future or anything like that is impossible for me.

“Hmh~ the rumor that the Ellisfeeds are a family of elites seems to be true.”

Eh, the hell that means? There are rumors like that!? It’s my first time hearing about this, though.

Otousama, Okaasama, and Oniisama are certainly an elite, but I’m more of a black sheep in the family, always doing things for the sake of food, so please count me out. No, seriously.

“Yeah, Cristea is not only cute, but also intelligent.”

“Heh~! Amazing!”

Stop it, please don’t raise the bar so strangely, Oniisama! I can’t stand it!

Stop staring at me with your sparkling eyes, Hector-sama and Adry-sama!

When I averted my gaze away from Hector-sama and Adry-sama, I saw Alicia-sama.