Chapter 173

The Endelions denied the existence of God a long time ago, so the sentence that Dell was shouting inwardly, ‘God!’, wasn’t really because he believed in God. In addition to this, the meaning was a little more intense than the usual exclamation. 

Dell just swore. ‘What? Get on? Who? Me? Ride? With who? What?’

Anger flashed in her eyes. ‘Of course, I did wrong in the past, but why are you insulting me like this?’ 

He had treated the princess of Endelion as a mount. Wasn’t that even possible?! Hateful words were only said to hurt her. Meanwhile…

“…” The man, who could read the tentacle creature’s expression better than anyone else in the universe, questioned her reaction. Dell’s emotions were mixed with agitation. 

He guess he misunderstood the meaning. However, how could one not know? He said it without letting go of his icy expression. “You said you were the princess of Endelion.” 

Gagging! He heard the gasping of the fainting dragon behind his back. 

“·······?!” Endelion hesitated to reply. Minjun seemed to know how things were going. ‘The succession is in progress, but it’s not perfect. I didn’t tell you all the secrets.’ 

Why was it official princess status? The answer came easily. ‘There is a reason for disqualification that has not been resolved.’ 

Dell was the first and only prisoner in the history of Endelion. That she was that special. And special was often interpreted as inferior.

‘Yeah, that’s it. I understand now.’ Minjun had given up on further explanation of his upbringing. This was because there was no time, and from now on, Yuntus or Ha Eun-seong would not need to know. 

He was determined to use her as a means of escape anyway, and there were two ways to persuade her. soft persuasion and tough persuasion. There was a risk for him to choosing the latter right away, so he decided to give her one last chance. He planted a sharp idea in Endelion’s head. ‘You really don’t know? I haven’t told you this secret yet. Did you hide it on purpose because you were afraid that the moment you realized it, you would act right away? But there’s no other way to do so than a jumpsuit.’

Now Dell seemed to have noticed something was wrong. Minjun delivered the information right away. Dell was astonished at the speed with which he had done so. It was a speed similar to that of Endelion. In a way that was halfway between phonetic and ideographic symbols, long sentences were compressed into one character and flowed into the mind. 

It was a highly developed form of communication believed to have been used since prehistoric times. By the way, Minjun was so good at this. Did the primitive race ever communicate with Endelion in this way in the past? 

That question was swept away by the flood of meanings that came in like waves. The conversation took place at the speed of thought. ‘I know what you’re thinking. Need a jump ship to cross the dimension? You too have been imprisoned by the stereotypes you created. But in fact, the jump ship is a means of transportation and at the same time a shackle.’ 

It was a constraint that would allow one to go to another dimension only through it. ‘In the past, you could go to another dimension without a ship like that. Before you were born, before your kind was still awake.’ 

=Dimensional jump magic!= 

‘Yeah, that spell isn’t easy, but it wasn’t out of reach either. In the past, older dragons could use it. What is the secret of the Balaur spreading throughout the central dimension and acting as rulers? If you feel that you don’t have enough land to eat, you would then decide to migrate to another world. Back in the days when there were no committees, no jump-offs.’ 

That was history even Dell knew. However, after a victory under the guise of a truce, many things changed. In the agreement the committee reached out to the dragons, there was a clause requiring them to discard all records of the magic and to swear to ban the use and transmission of magic with dragon words. 

It was a natural step taken by those who obtained unilateral and overwhelming power. This was because the management tended to become a headache when the subordinates assembled and united at will. And so, it took away the freedom of movement. ‘To be allowed to come and go only under the supervision and permission of the committee.’ 

Although many people easily forgot to call it an abbreviation, the official name of the committee was as follows. Pan-dimensional Intelligence Relocation Committee.

At first glance, it seemed to have been created to facilitate human exchanges among intelligent bodies, but the name had a different intention behind it. It meant that only they would plan and completely control the relocation. ‘But like all oaths, dragons can be broken. If you’re willing to pay the price. So the committee created one more means of control.’ 

At that time, there was already a dimensional wall separating dimensions, and the dragon’s leap magic was a spell that pierced it. Even when they crossed it, there was quite a bit of resistance, and only the old dragons who could count the days to die could withstand it. However, as it was, it was not enough of a wall for the committee to see. So what would one do? 

=···In order to make the original wall stronger, I made another wall and attached it. A much more solid wall. = 

People collectively called it a dimensional wall, but in fact, it was two layers of walls overlapping each other. For discussion’s sake, let’s categorize the original one as Dimension Wall-1 and the one added by the committee as Dimension Wall-2. Only the jump ship could pass through Dimension Wall-2. The moment the magic tool loaded with the jump code touched, the Dimension Wall-2 would weaken the resistance, to the extent that one could pass through it only if they were armed with a special barrier. 

However, it should be noted that the resistance was only weakened, but not completely eliminated. If one were to make a clean hole at all, it would take a long time to restore and affect the entire wall.

=Are you asking me to break through the wall with leap magic? I do not know such an order. You might not know, but the committee’s dimensional wall was built to block it…!= 

‘No, that wall doesn’t block you.’ 


‘Sometimes the resistance isn’t weakened enough and the jump ship gets crushed. will occur But you, the best actuaries in the dimensional realm, will know. Has Endelion ever died in such an accident? You, hot-blooded anxiety sufferers, don’t come out of the safe hometown dimension anyway, but if you say they do come occasionally, can’t you tell that they’re mostly high-ranking people?’ 

=No way?= 

‘Yes. In addition to the general jump code, the committee manages a special code separately. That weakens the wall the committee has built by far. Resistance would be close to zero. However, not all ships can use that code. Fearing that the dimensional wall will collapse if too many holes are drilled, only a select few are permitted. Like royalty,’ said Minjun, looking deep into Dell’s eyes. ‘You are the code.’ Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at – “ ”


Dell organized Minjun’s information in her head. In order to prevent the high-ranking members of the ancient race from dying while crossing the dimension, they were classified with a special code. It was quite possible. Nevertheless, there must have been a reason for the Endelions to board the jump ship without crossing the dimension naked. There was another reason besides the complete extinction of leap magic. 

=The dimensional wall created by the committee can be penetrated with my code. However, there will be no effect on the ‘natural’ dimension wall that existed from the beginning, right? You’ll have to cross it barefoot like dragons did in the distant past. = 

Natural dimension wall? It was an awkward expression, but Minjun didn’t bother to correct it. A dimensional wall that existed from the beginning of time that only the most powerful ancient dragons could withstand and overcome… It still remained an obstacle. 

However, there was a being in front of Minjun who had a body that could endure without aging like the old dragons of the past. A conversation that took place in an instant. Endelion had already made up her mind. =I want to ask you one more thing= 

The ensuing mental waves were inevitably harboring unhidden anticipation. =Why me?= 

There must be a way to steal the jump ship from the terminal. Why did he come to find her? To that question, Minjun answered firmly. ‘The jump ships left at the New York terminal, no matter how much I think about them, look like bait.’

He had heard the excuse that there was a magic bind in place so that it could not be taken out of the terminal, and that the terminal’s barrier was the safest, but it was also very unreliable. 

There was one more reason. ‘And.’ Minjun sounded a mental wave as if declaring to Dell. ‘Because you’re the most useful hostage I can get my hands on right now.’ 

The next words were stuck in his throat. Then Dell turned her eyes to see the magic video. Even at this moment, various magic air strikes were pouring into the terminal. She knew it wasn’t Minjun’s doing. =Did you join hands with the dragons?= 

Minjun did not answer. Dell didn’t care and continued to communicate via telepathy. = Are those dragons memorizing leap magic? = 

He didn’t answer this time either. Instead, he squeezed the Asif-1 in his grasp.

=There is something to be concerned about.= In the mental wave that followed, there was a question added along with the meaning of accepting Minjun’s proposal and obediently becoming a hostage. = Would the committee believe that all of this was the work of one of you? really? I don’t think so… isn’t it too much? =

Upon hearing that, Minjun had a realization. She was a princess who lacked the most important virtue that made Endelion exist as Endelion… or who was ridiculously short. Was that why the royal family did not inherit everything? 

He replied to his ex-wife. ‘You don’t have to worry about that.’ 

The moment Minjun escaped after everything on Earth was over, the committee would inspect the scene. They would hear testimonies about the magic that swept through the terminal, check out the video, and see how the Earth Rep. was breached. And they would finally be relieved. The memories he found so far must be fortunately insignificant. 


At that time, the moment the ancient dragons had been preparing for a long time was completed. Terminal prisoner William Evans opened his mouth. “William! What’s happening out there? Are you coming out? I’ve never felt this before…!” 

The dragon trembled on the other side of the glass wall, but William was in no mood to respond. He saw the scenery through the window. The building where the dragon was detained was attached to the control tower, and it was quite far from where the phenomenon was happening. Even so, he couldn’t help but lose his gaze. With a confused expression, he stared at the blue plasma condensing in the sky. 

The magic that had been scattered all over the base so far was a threatening magic that could be regarded as child’s play. Furthermore, the place where it was created was… ‘Guide tower!’ 

It was installed in a corner far from other major facilities, but it was also the place where the strongest barriers in the terminal were concentrated. It was a key facility that made the leaping terminal function as a terminal. Even if Asif-666 came to commit terror, powerful energy had begun to spread in the sky. 

‘You were aiming for that in the first place?!’ 

However, if one was to touch the judo tower in New York, Asif-666’s escape would also be blocked. All other terminals had stopped functioning. 

“…!” Only then did William conceive of a possibility. And he recalled a conversation he had with a troll when he first came to Earth. His ship arrived here after Earth’s lockdown began. The committee allowed him to land. 

– I should be grateful. Didn’t you break the rules and allow me to enter the port in order to save me? 

-Well, I don’t know if it was because of the value of one prisoner or because it was a pity to destroy a good jumping ship.

It was a leapfrog that had already begun to take off. If the induction had been cut off and the slot had been sealed just before arriving on Earth, the ship he was on would have perished. Jumpships were not wizards who thought for themselves and cast spells, but rely on coordinates to guide them. What if one were t lose that guidance? 

After following the path and breaking through the resistance to the end, they would end up crashing into the wrong place without even opening the last door. And the riders in it… ‘Asif-666. Did he give up on escaping to outer space?’ 

William realized. Asif-666 intended to kill as many enemies as possible, like a water demon, with the intention of giving up flesh and taking bones.

The desperate struggle of those who reached the dead-end wall began. ‘It must be!’ 

It was a sound that the person in question would snort at when they heard it. At that moment… 


The energy condensed on top of the judo tower exploded with a fierce light. 


Minjun watched Dell concentrating and chanting the spell. He urged them not to do anything nonsensical, but Dell didn’t seem to intend to do that in the first place. If one were to memorize such complex magic, they would naturally become defenseless. 

The moment one started spelling, they would have already entered an irreversible path. However, she did not have the ability to manipulate her spells in a subtle way. There was no choice but to trust this spell and cast it as it was. 

When this advanced magic formula was crammed into her brain, Dell literally almost passed out. The level of that mental wave was different from just before, and it was far beyond Endelion’s.

It was a skill that made the opponent understand advanced concepts at once. It was a miracle that only appeared in their old scriptures, which had already lost their function as religious books and were preserved because of their historical and literary values. This time, she shouted out a powerful intention that Minjun could hear (‘God!’ or, literally, ‘The great tentacles that entwine the stars!’) and focused on it.

Whoa! Magical power boiled and began to cover their surroundings. 

In addition to this, the light flashed. He was ready to move on to ‘rough persuasion’ if he saw any odd signs, but everything was still going smoothly. ‘The spell is working properly.’ 

Watching the flow, Minjun looked at the faces of those who would leap to the next level together. It was a bizarre party composed of ex-wives, debtors, and believers, if only those with rituals were counted. They seemed to symbolize failed marriages, failed asset management, and failed revenge plays, respectively. 

Considering the roles they played, the composition became even more bizarre. Each was a hostage and a mount, a scout and a riddle to be solved, a walking all-purpose medical device and a pantry at the same time. 

He couldn’t have imagined until just a month ago that he would be escaping Earth with them. 

Ugh! Whoops! 

Oh, there was another one. His creation. A soul fragment that was both a cooking tool and a brainwashing tool, a sword, and a frying pan. Feeling the vibration it transmitted through the handle, Minjun stared at the flashes of light around him. 

The journey to recover the things lost for a long time was right around the corner.

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