Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Then he met Anais’ eyes, who was looking at him, but before he knew it, he turned his eyes back to his wife with a cold hardened look.

“I want to be alone, but do we really need to have the attendants here?”

“Yes. It’s comfortable if they’re here. Aren’t they the same as my hands and feet anyway?”

Unknowingly, Kylian was again disappointed by the Empress’ words. Even so, he was blaming himself for being disappointed in his wife.

Anais, who could guess all his emotions just from his expression, sighed slightly and turned his gaze back to the wisteria tree.



“In the past, you often removed things from my hair.”

“I see.”

“Can you please remove it from me?”

Kylian said in a friendly tone as he asked so. Then the Empress looked into his eyes as if observing him and smiled.

Seeing the Empress just smiling and not taking any action, Kylian took off the petals from his own hair with a feeling of regret. But as the wind blew again, this time, petals fell on the Empress’s hair.

“Oh, dear. As expected, it’s annoying outside.”

She brushed away the wisteria petals from her hair annoyedly as she said this. Then, looking at the flower petals on the teacup as if they were unclean, she threw the teacup off the table.


The beautiful tableware was smashed and scattered around with a sound.


“Wife! Are you okay?”

“It grazed my leg. Ugh, seriously.”

Kylian was a little taken aback by the Empress’s nervous words. He immediately got up and examined her legs. There was a shard of glass that ricochet and tore her stocking and made a slight stab. But it wasn’t a very serious wound.

“Why are you standing still? Heal her.”


He knelt down on his knees, placing the Empress’s feet on his lap as he ordered Anais.

Phileal held back a sigh and looked at Anais. Anais was in poor condition, barely able to stand. He suddenly guessed how much divine power was wrapped around her heart.

But the amount was very meager. She should have taken it easy, but the Empress called her here. She had no choice but to come out.

“If I refuse, will you call for another sacrifice?”


Hearing Kylian’s answer, she smiled bitterly and approached the Empress as she was told. Phileal followed her. Then he put his hand on the back of her hand as she reached for the Empress’s leg.

“Do it quickly.”


Anais gave up and slowly drew the remaining energy around her heart and transferred it to her fingertips. Then Phileal very slowly carried it to the Empress’ leg.

“Uhp, kuhk…!”

At that moment, she vomited her own blood.

After Anais vomited blood, she stumbled and collapsed. Anticipating that she would hit the floor, she closed her eyes tightly, wondering why she didn’t feel the pain that should come with it. It seemed that Phileal was quick to catch her as she fell. Anais felt relieved as she saw his serious expression in her receding consciousness.




Anais woke up in Phileal’s room. But it wasn’t Phileal who gave her energy.



“Lewarren, what the hell are you…”

Lewarren was looking at her without speaking. Anais thought that Lewarren, who had dyed his hair sky blue, couldn’t be a dream.

“Do you really think the Empress is me?”

“That sounds strange.”


Lewarren was acting as if he was trying to correct her. Anais was filled with resentment as he stood still with his finger on his neck with an expressionless face.

“You really think that I’m Lilith, and the Empress is me?”


“You’re the one who summoned me into Lilith’s body and brought me here, and now you’re calling me Lilith?”

Anais couldn’t understand Lewarren’s behavior of not only framing her, but also pretending not to know her even after having summoned her.

She could not understand why Lewarren, who hated the High Priest of Death, was siding with him. Lewarren was the High Priest of the Goddess Roseraine, who was hostile to the Temple of Death.

“You and Leviathan are the same. Just say what you want to say.”

“Still, when you spoke, I answered most of the time, didn’t I?”


Anais was relieved to confirm that he also thought of her as Anais.

“Why did you lie that I poisoned the High Priest? You said you didn’t want to get in between us.”


As Lewarren fell silent again, she strained her dull eyes and looked at his tightly closed mouth.



“I think I will be leaving this body soon.”

Anais asked him in a desperate voice. She didn’t want to leave right away. The situation that had happened to her was obviously devastating, but she couldn’t leave like this.

“What should I do if I want to stay in this body a little longer?”

Because everything seemed to be her fault. Her cheeks were still swollen and the teeth marks on the inside of her cheeks made it painful to speak, but she couldn’t stop talking.

“Make sure your goal is clear.”


“Don’t forget that you don’t want to leave.”


“Then you will be able to stay.”

Anais let out a dry sigh as Lewarren frowned in pain as he said that.

“Whose side are you on?”




“Lewarren, why did you bring me here?”

He closed his lips again. Anais laughed as she watched him bite his lip resolutely, as if he would not answer.

“Everyone’s strange.”

She let out a lump of resentment in her chest.

“I never lived like that before…”


“I never lived while doing such atrocities…”


“I always tried to be a role model until I died… But even when they see me like that, everyone says it’s me.”

Lewarren looked into her eyes unknowingly at Anais’ words. His wavering black eyes met Anais’s.

“When did I ever act like that? When have I… ever done such shameful things?”

Lewarren finally spat out the words he had been holding in his mouth.

“Everything is for you, Anais.”

After he said that, he clenched his fists as if he had made a mistake.

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