CH 68

Chapter 68… A sumptuous dinner

“Such a beautiful afternoon, why don’t you have afternoon tea, Ling Xiao Su?”

Xiao Luo yawned, and lazily glanced at “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan who was sitting on the sofa like a dog. It’s 3:30 in the afternoon, this guy has been nagging since he broke in with a shameless face, bragging about how mature and stable he was when he gave a speech for the first time, and he performed perfectly. All the students were amazed at him!

He doesn’t know the person who was crying in front of him before going on stage.

“As a mature, stable and perfect man, you have already drunk a pot of black tea, three bottles of herbal tea, and this pile of nut shells after you entered the door.” Ling Su came over with a broom expressionlessly, “Clean up by yourself.”

Xiao Luo meowed gloatingly, and rolled two laps on the sofa. He suddenly remembered that the apartment of “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan had become the scene of a car accident because of a fight with King! So— this “Xiaojiejie” will stay here and not leave, right?

“Hey, Ling Xiao Su, we are not short of money, can we hire a part-time worker?”

“Then please let Mr. Ling, who is not short of money, go and rest somewhere else.” Ling Su directly stuffed the broom into “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan’s hand, “If the third uncle knows that you have such a face in China, he will probably be very angry. ”

“Yes, I came back from abroad with the approval of his old man. I was ordered to wait for my predetermined person, and he would not be happy if I didn’t take his wife back.” Ling Xuan said so, but his hands didn’t resist. He picked up the broom and started to clean in a decent manner. He cleaned up the nut shells that had fallen on the floor, and then wiped the coffee table with a rag. Seeing how neat this movement is, it’s obvious that he was quite familiar with these tasks.

After secretly observing for a while, Xiao Luo slowly drank the milk powder prepared by the shit shovel officer.

His shit-shoveling officer is going to cook again tonight, and he has already started to prepare the ingredients. The original plan was to have only King alone, but judging by the current situation, “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan is very determined to eat and drink here. He can’t be driven away for a while.

“Xiao Pang, you tell me, except for eating and sleeping all day, what else do you do?”

“Meow?” I can still be cute! Besides, you, a person who came to my house to eat and drink, have the nerve to run your mouth on me?

The little orange cat turned over while holding the feeding bottle. It’s belly turned up, its head tilted, and it rolled its eyes at “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan.

“Ling Xiaoxuan, after you have cleaned up, come to the kitchen and help me.” Ling Su put a plate of soaked milk cakes on the coffee table, and stroked the cat.

“Gentlemen stay away from the kitchen.” “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan quickly refused.

Ling Su smiled slightly, lifted his chin lightly, and pointed to the gate: “Then you go back to eat bread at night.”

“Hey, do you think you can threaten me?” “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan stood up straight with a particularly courageous look. He turned his body, and in the next second, with a bright smile and frowning eyes, “Forget it, since you are sincerely asking me for help, I will reluctantly agree to you.”

Poof! Xiao Luo almost choked on milk, it’s so f*cking…

Young lady, what about your backbone! Are you sure you’re not joking?

Thinking about King’s evaluation of this person, Xiao Luo had an epiphany, it really is incisive!

In fact, when he and Ling Su came back just now, he saw Ling Xuan was dressed in formal attire, with a white shirt, trousers and leather shoes, and his long, curly, raven-coloured hair fell down naturally, and there was a pair of rimless glasses on the bridge of his nose. And with that smiling expression… for a moment, he felt that the other party had a good temperament.

Just like when he met Ling Xuan for the first time in the Ling family, he looked at Ling Xuan’s back from a distance and felt that the other party was a serious person.

Facts have proven: seriousness is just his illusion.

The human setting collapsed too quickly like a tornado.

He wonders how much is the psychological shadow of the junior students who were tortured by this lord today?

Being curious, Xiao Luo quietly glanced in the direction of the kitchen. Guessing that Ling Su would not come to him for a while, he immediately sneaked towards the study.

“Beep beep——” the system prompt sounded.

Xiao Luo hesitated and opened it, speechless.

Ling Xuan: Xiao Pang, where are you going?

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Let me go to the forum of W University to have a look.

Ling Xuan: You’re so courageous, aren’t you afraid that Ling Xiao Su will find out?

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Grimace.jpg

“Ling Xiao Su, your Xiao Pang has gone to the study!” “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan exaggeratedly shouted.

Xiao Luo was speechless, this guy simply doesn’t want him to take a breath.

“Wash the potatoes and scrape off the skin.” Ling Su’s voice was cruel and heartless.

Xiao Luo smiled secretly, turned on his own computer, climbed to the W University forum to find the Department of Computer Science, and saw if anyone complained about how unreliable their new professor Ling was.

The forum is divided into sections, and the title of the first HOT post is quite obvious: Shocked! The new Professor Ling is actually such a person…

# These days, when it comes to a professor, expert, consultant, etc., my first impression is: Well, it’s an old man! In the morning, Er Goudan from the next door said that there is a new professor in our computer department. He is an honorary consultant. When I heard that the surname was Ling, my first reaction was: Hey, isn’t that the same family as Senior Ling from the Finance Department? Maybe he is a middle-aged handsome man at the level of a charming uncle! As a result, I saw him in the afternoon. Damn it, I have to take back what I said earlier! #

Xiao Luo slapped the table and laughed wildly, the person who posted this is quite funny.

In all fairness, “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan actually has a good temperament when he is serious and calm in formal attire.

He stepped on the down arrow key and continued to look down.

# My mind suddenly went blank, as if a group of little angels were singing Hallelujah~ Hallelujah~! He is a handsome guy, a super handsome guy, with fluttering long hair and a great temperament! Here’s a photo I secretly took: [PICTURE] [PICTURE] [PICTURE]! The profile is so beautiful, kneel and lick! #

Xiao Luo scratched his chin, and felt that his shit-shoveling officer was more handsome. “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan’s should belong to the category of beauty, beauty beyond gender. It’s a pity— this guy obviously doesn’t care much about his appearance, and often does some careless things.

# It’s beautiful, isn’t it? My friends and I were stunned! I thought it was a big star who went to the wrong set! As a result, this little brother walked to the podium, attached the USB flash drive to the computer, opened the courseware, and when the bell rang, he introduced himself to us. Here is a short video for everyone to experience for themselves. #

Xiao Luo moved the mouse and clicked on the small video. He thought “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan was probably making a joke. In fact, he was wrong again.

Ling Xuan in the video looked quite elite, his demeanor could be called mature and steady, without any flaws.

# Little brother said his name is Ling Xuan. He graduated from Harvard. Hey, he looks so young! I used to think that Senior Ling was the most handsome man in heaven and earth. But now I can’t help but want to turn against him, what should I do? #

Xiao Luo snorted, thinking, little girl, your knowledge is too superficial, how can this brainless “Xiaojiejie” compare with his shit-shoveling officer?

Xiao Luo didn’t look carefully at the following content, and glanced at it casually, and found that this post was full of praises for “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan from beginning to end, and the comments that replied below basically had no black spots.

Never thought of it!

Xiao Luo closed the webpage and wiped out the traces of use, no matter how you think about it, it’s inconceivable.


“Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan just ate, drank and bragged about his achievements, but was it actually true?

“Ling Xiao Su, I’ve washed the potatoes for you.”

“Wash the hairy crabs.”

“Oh, you bought so much, but I feel like I can’t eat so much just by one person.”

“It’s not for you.”

“Hey, how stingy!”

Xiao Luo pricked up his ears, eavesdropped for a while, and once again affirmed King’s evaluation of “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan: brain disabled!

Perhaps one more word can be added at the end: Shou?

After the little orange cat landed on the ground, it quickly ran back to the sofa in the living room, continued to hold the bottle and sucked, flicking its tail, looking very leisurely.

Ah, life like a pig!

Xiao Luo was feeling emotional when there was a knock on the door. He quickly stood up and was about to open the door, but “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan ran over one step faster than him.

“Ouch, here comes the free eater and drinker.” This flat tone is really hopeless.

“Do you have the right to talk about others?” King asked unhurriedly, without being affected at all. He bypassed the other party and walked towards the sofa in the living room.

“Meow!” King, you are back! I went to the supermarket with Ling Xiao Su in the afternoon and bought a lot of food!

“Yeah.” King reached out and touched the little orange cat’s head, then turned to look at Ling Su who was busy in the kitchen, “Ling Su, I’ll take Xiao Pang out for a while.”

Ling Su stopped what he was doing and walked over, and asked: “Senior Xiao Ye, can you come back before dinner?” He sensibly didn’t ask where the other party took the little orange cat, thinking that there were some secrets that they couldn’t let him know for the time being.

“I can be back before 5:30.” King estimated the time and waved to the little orange cat.

Xiao Luo was slightly puzzled, but the aura on King’s body may deceive people, and there was no possibility of being faked. Knowing that King was his master, he naturally trusted him with all his heart, and immediately rushed forward.

“Xiao Pang.” Ling Su hesitated to speak.

Xiao Luo turned his head suspiciously, and meowed. He saw his shit shovel officer wave his hand, but smiled and said nothing, feeling a little weird. He didn’t have time to think about it as he had already left the apartment in the arms of King.

“Xiao Pang just left with a stranger, aren’t you worried?” Ling Xuan asked casually.

Ling Su turned back and stuffed another hairy crab into the opponent’s hand: “It’s not a stranger.” What he was more worried about now was whether Xiao Ye would take Xiao Pang away in the future?

“Meow?” King, where are we going?

Xiao Luo lay in the arms of the baby-faced young man, raised his head and asked. For a moment, he really wanted to ask: King, since you are my master, why did you hide it from me?

But he didn’t dare to ask, fearing that if some secrets were exposed, terrible things would happen, just like all pets equipped with the system. Once ordinary humans discover that they have a special way to transform into humans, they will be killed. The same goes for being forcefully stripped off the system.

Furthermore, if the master didn’t say anything, there must be his concerns and reasons. Anyway, he knows it well.

“I’ll take you to catch mice.” King said with a smile.

Xiao Luo was shocked: “Meow!” You must be joking!

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